[Beowulf] Use and stabilily of Lustre in cluster context ...

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Mon Dec 19 07:41:13 PST 2005


Can I get anecdotal comments on the prevalence of Lustre use on 
mid-sized clusters?
Are people satisfied with its stability overall or are there particular 
problem issues
to report?  What version are people running with what kernel?

I ask because we are running Lustre and are experiencing stability 
problems the result
in system crashes during periods of intense small to moderate size file 
activity in spaces
that already have alot of files (kernel compiles, Amanda driven backups 
of directories
with large numbers of small files, applications which have bursts of 
intense file creation
activity like swarms of DNA sequence analysis work).  These problems are 
and the idea that it is solely a Lustre problem is not certain.

We are running version 1.2 on a older 2.4.21 kernel ... perhaps this is 

Knowing what the general experiences with it are would be useful.




Richard B. Walsh

Project Manager
Network Computing Services, Inc.
Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC)
rbw at ahpcrc.org  |  612.337.3467

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