[Beowulf] hpl benchmark result of Sun V210 cluster solaris9

guren at be.itu.edu.tr guren at be.itu.edu.tr
Sat Dec 17 13:28:18 PST 2005


I run hpl benchmark program on Sun V210 cluster ;48 computation node
UltraSparcIII i , O.S solaris 9.0. performance result is very bad
approximately 10 percent of peak performance. I couldn't define the reason
of this situation .is it possible to improve it?

optimization of blas library effects the HPL results very high. I use
-xlic_lib=sunperf for linking blas lib.are there any options for more
optimized blas lib for sun solaris 9.0. Also I use -fast -xO5  -xarch=v9b
-xchip=ultra3 optimization flags.

Any idea to help,please?

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