[Beowulf] Beginner advice

Sam Odio - OdioWorks, LLC sam at odioworks.com
Wed Dec 7 12:43:14 PST 2005

First of all, I would like to than beowulf.org for hosting this  
mailing list - it's a great resource.

I am looking to build a budget beowulf machine using commodity  
hardware.  I expect it to use a Linux OS such as Debian or Gentoo.  I  
have never built a clustered computer before... and was hoping to get  
some hardware / software advice.

I don't have a purpose for the machine yet - I am really just doing  
it to get some clustered computing experience.  Therefore I'm just  
looking to build a solid general-purpose clustered machine.

These are the specs I have come up with so far, all suggestions welcome:

Thanks for your help,

Sam Odio, Owner
OdioWorks, LLC Business Services

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