[Beowulf] file IO benchmark

Joachim Worringen joachim at ccrl-nece.de
Tue Dec 13 01:47:56 PST 2005

Iozone wrote:
> Joachim wrote:
>  >I/O is a complex topic, and a single number rarely tells you enough if you want
>  >to analyze what's going on. For this purpose, IOzone is very powerful. But
>  >again, it does only run on a single node (although can fork  processes/threads to
>  >perform concurrent operations). You could start it on multiple nodes, but then
>  >the I/O is not synchronized, which may or may not what you want to do.
>     Iozone is able to run across multiple nodes. See the -+m and -t options.

Great, I didn't know this yet. Well, it's a complex tool...


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