[Beowulf] Carpet glue and live clusters?

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Aug 29 10:11:16 PDT 2005

At 09:02 AM 8/29/2005, David Mathog wrote:
>The classroom next to my current machine room is going to be
>carpeted soon via the laying down of adhesive followed by the
>placement of carpet squares.  Unfortunately this classroom shares the
>same A/C as the machine room so the fumes will circulate through
>the computers located there.  And no place else, it's just these
>two rooms on that A/C unit.
>I'm thinking  when the day comes I'll shut down the computers
>and the A/C as well.  Then the only fumes that would reach
>the machine room would be those that diffused through the
>inactive ducts between the two rooms.  When that low level
>of fumes enters the computers they will find only cold
>surfaces, and so who-knows-what chemistry that might take
>place on surfaces with temps >60C will be avoided.
>Also with the A/C and computers off there's no risk of a spark.
>Am I being too conservative?  Seems to me like a case of better
>safe than sorry but I've heard one local opinion that there's
>nothing to worry about.

You're probably right about better safe than sorry.  Bear in mind though, 
that you are located in a hotbed of emissions controls, and there's all 
sorts of regulations about the volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can be 
released.  The days of sloshing acetone, lacquer thinner, or MEK around are 
over, at least in Los Angeles. You can't even buy real oil based enamel 
house paint any more, because it's too high in VOC. (Although I know people 
who smuggle it in from Arizona... they claim at the checkpoint that they're 
coming for California cheese <grin>)

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