[Beowulf] Anyone know the Trunking on a switch?

Zhang Hui spacetiller at 163.com
Wed Aug 24 20:28:09 PDT 2005


	   I have implemented the multi-machine Trunking(one link per machine).The packets can be distributed between the links/machines and be at last forwarded to a real server with IPVS(by Zhang Wensong),like this:
| |	      |------|	   ________
|.|__/\___|  1   |_____|      |
| |  ||   |______|     |      |
| |  ||trunk           |server|
| |	 ||	  |------|	   |      |
|.|__||___|  2   |_____|      |
|_|  \/   |______|     |______|
	And when one link(to one machine) is down, the connection will be transfered to another link/machine, and to "server" at last,session kept.
	The problem is, when, for example, "1" is down, but the link to "1" is still up(judge from the LED for "1" on the switch).So the "switch" won't think "1" is down, and distribute packets to "1" as usual.Therefore the connection is down.
	Can't the switch sense the death of a machine,intrinsically? Or something wrone with the configuration of Trunking in the "switch"?
	By the way, the "switch" is a 3com SS3300TM 16986A one.
	Can anyone help me? Great appreciation to any reply.

        Zhang Hui
        spacetiller at 163.com

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