[Beowulf] channel bonding

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G'day Andrew and all

Not sure if MP_Lite is what you were thinking of? Sorry if this turns out to be



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> The current latest is from 21 June 2005:
>   http://unc.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/bonding/bonding.txt
> That's the stock channel bonding shipped witht the kernel.  I vaguely
> remember reading (probably a year or more ago) that its maximum
> througput is achieved with 2 gigabit cards - adding a 3rd card
> actually decreases througput.  (Is this still true?)
> Also, that there's a different implementation somewhere, not shipped
> with the kernel, which is both faster with two cards, and allows
> further bandwith increase by adding a 3rd bonded gigabit ethernet
> card.  Unfortunately, I can't remember what that project is called,
> nor where I read about it.  Does anyone else remember?
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