[Beowulf] error in tstmachines

Vinicius vinicius at centrodecitricultura.br
Fri Oct 29 05:33:23 PDT 2004

help me!!!!

rsh ok:
[swingle at swingle bin]$ /usr/bin/rsh swingle3
Last login: Tue Oct 26 16:26:46 from swingle
[swingle at swingle3 swingle]$

[swingle at swingle bin]$ ./tstmachines
Errors while trying to run /usr/bin/rsh swingle3 -n /bin/ls
Unexpected response from swingle3:
--> /bin/ls: /home/swingle/programs/mpich-1.2.6/bin/mpichfoo: No such
file or directory
    The ls test failed on some machines.
    This usually means that you do not have a common filesystem on
    all of the machines in your machines list; MPICH requires this
    for mpirun (it is possible to handle this in a procgroup file; see
    the documentation for more details).

    Other possible problems include:
        The remote shell command /usr/bin/rsh does not allow you to run
           See the documentation about remote shell and rhosts.
        You have a common file system, but with inconsistent names.
           See the documentation on the automounter fix.

1 errors were encountered while testing the machines list for LINUX
Only these machines seem to be available

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