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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
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Of tenuous relevance, but it's a cluster database which uses SCI for
signalling fabric.

MySQL 4.1 (just out) actually has cluster functionality built-in (but for Sun
Solaris, which is a release bug, about to be fixed). 

For those of you who're interested in HA Linux, the next release is not far
away, and removes the 2-node limitation: http://linuxha.trick.ca/

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Dear Hugo,

Yes, I'm working on it. The latest code from Mikael works well with 
I built it with SCI yesterday and will test today.
I'll get back to you after verification of MySQL Cluster with SCI.

Thank you very much.
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>Dear Junzo,
>MySQL cluster has native support for SCI our you can use the SCI Socket 
>software. You will find more information about this and some
>benchmark numbers at 
>With SCI Socket, you can configure MySQL cluster for regular networking 
>and just use SCI Socket between the nodes that requires low latency/high 
>bandiwidth connections. SCI Socket has typically 10x lower latency than 
>Gigagit Ethernet and should support any version of MySQL Cluster that runs 
>properly over Ethernet.
>You will find the SCI Socket software and more information at 
>Best regards
>On Tue, 26 Oct 2004, Junzo Tamada wrote:
>>Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 23:46:49 +0900
>>From: Junzo Tamada <tamada at acornnetworks.co.jp>
>>To: cluster at lists.mysql.com
>>Subject: MySQL Cluster with SCI interconnect
>>Very recently I found sections in the chapter of Cluster, which is 
>>decsribing utilization of high-speed interconnection called SCI.
>>I would like to test it.
>>Currently I have totaly 5 servers and 4 out of 5 are equiped with SCI 
>>network card.
>>Please anyone provide me any suggestions regarding the following cluster 
>>All server are connected together with Ethernet.
>>Node a1 through a4 are with SCI.
>>I would like to assign mgmd and api(mysqld) to front-end and ndbd for 
>>Is this feasible and reasonable configuration ?
>>I am using MySQL 4.1.7-gamma as of Oct. 26th, 2004.
>>Thank you in advance.
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