[Beowulf] dual Opteron recommendations

Gary Molenkamp gary at sharcnet.ca
Wed Oct 27 09:22:58 PDT 2004

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, Bill Broadley wrote:

> I'm familar with 48 sun v20z (newisys) machines around here, only one
> died so far with a hard memory error (I.e. won't boot).

So far, one of 24 with a power issue (still debugging).

> Speaking of which, has anyone done anything useful with the v20z LCD
> display, ours just say something like IP address of the management
> interface and OS booted or similar.
> I was hoping for hostname, maybe system load, even a way to pull a node
> out of the queue (there are several buttons under the LCD).

Just a hostname. :)

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