[Beowulf] dual Opteron recommendations

Thomas Alrutz Thomas.Alrutz at dlr.de
Fri Oct 22 05:05:47 PDT 2004

Alan Scheinine schrieb:
> Many venders sell U1 cases for dual Opteron based on the Tyan
> main boards, but on the other hand, a vender here says that the
> product Newisys 2100 is much more reliable than Tyan though it
> costs 10 to 20 percent more.  I have not previously heard of
> Newisys and I do not recall it being mentioned in this mailing
> list.  Would anyone like to comment?
> best regards,
> Alan Scheinine   Email: scheinin at crs4.it
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Hi Alan,

we have some Opteron cluster nodes and some Opteron workstations based 
on the Arima HDAMA MB (Rioworks http://www.rioworks.com/HDAMA.htm).
We are quite happy with those systems, because there are running without 
any failure since installation (one year ago).
And as far as I know, there are some 1U barebones with this type of 
board, too. If you looking for a remote managment system on your 
motherboards, there is the possibility to attach an IPMI-Board called 
ARMC to the HDAMA. This would give you the same mamagement features like 
the Newisys boards, but for additional costs (~300 US$ ??) and size.

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