[Beowulf] parallel sparse linear solver choice?

JOHNSON,PAUL C redboots at ufl.edu
Thu Oct 21 13:19:45 PDT 2004


I was wondering whats your choice for a parallel sparse linear 
solver?  I have a beowulf cluster(~4 nodes, ok really small I 
know) connected at 100Mbps.  The computers are P4 2.2GHz with 1Gb 
ram.  The matrices are formed by a finite element program.  They 
are sparse, square, symmetric, and I would like to solve problems 
with more than 200000 columns.  Which of the solvers is easiest to 
set up and utilize?   One problem I am trying to solve is 156,240 
x 156,240 with 6,023,241 non-zero entries.

Thanks for any help,


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