[Beowulf] dual Opteron recommendations

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pathscale.com
Thu Oct 21 10:29:04 PDT 2004

> Many venders sell U1 cases for dual Opteron based on the Tyan
> main boards, but on the other hand, a vender here says that the
> product Newisys 2100 is much more reliable than Tyan though it
> costs 10 to 20 percent more.

Newisys came out with one of the first Opteron motherboards, and their
2 cpu motherboard is still shipped by Sun as the Sunfire 20z. It's
a pretty expensive motherboard, but the % added to the final price
depends on how much memory you buy and which cpus you're using.

There are a *lot* of clusters out there using that Tyan motherboard.
I don't think anyone's decided that it's any less reliable than any
other low-end server motherboard.

-- g

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