[Beowulf] SATA vs SCSI drives

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Though slightly dated, I hope the attachment is helpful....btw....I didn't 
do an exhaustive search, but found the 10K SATA drives only offered at 
72GB's and under. The higher cap drives are 7200RPM.


At 09:01 AM 10/10/2004, H.Vidal, Jr. wrote:
>Hello all.
>We are building some Network Area Storage gear around some high-end
>imaging and data acq. systems. Reliability for storage of this data is
>a big time must.
>To date, we have built all of this lab's gear around SCSI drives because it
>has been our research and experience that SCSI drives are better built
>than IDE drives. However, when looking at these drive arrays and NAS
>appliances, it is very clear that SATA drives are really driving large scale
>What has been the general experience on this list of SATA vs SCSI in terms
>of performance, reliability, quoted as well as real-world failure rates, etc?
>Which SATA drives are considered 'the best' the way, say Seagate drives are
>held in high esteem for SCSI?
>And, if anybody likes any particular RAID and/or NAS system, let's hear
>your stories. About 1.4-1.7 Terabyte raw space.
>Thanks for your collective help and attention.
>Hernando Vidal, Jr.
>Tesseract Technology
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