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In fact there is everything on the market that you need to build Windows
based computational clusters as easily as with other operating systems. 


OS: Windows 2003 operating system provides functionality for everything you
need to deploy, run and maintain computational clusters.

For starters go look for the free Microsoft's Computational Clustering
Technical Preview Toolkit (CCTP). It includes some useful tools to get you


More info is available at the MS HPC web page:

If you are looking for references here's a tip: The Cornell Theory Center
(CTC) is and has been using large scale Windows based computational clusters
for quite some time now. They also have "best practice" documentation
available on of how to build them on their web site.


Middleware: Most common middleware packages used for HPC clustering are
ported to the windows platform. Look for MPI/PRO for example (or NT-MPICH if
you go for free stuff). Google for more :-)


Except that, most of these (commercial) middleware packages work well
together with Microsoft development environments (Visual Studio) which makes
development very comfortable.


AND, if you or your research facility are part of a university or other
educational institution, the chance is high that you can get all of the MS
Products for free for the purpose of your research by applying to one of
their many academic alliance programs. (Go look for MSDN AA). (at the bottom of the page).



Best Regards,

Matej Ciesko.



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Dear All,

    Are there any Beowulf packages for windows?




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