[Beowulf] Storage - storage cache

Alvin Oga alvin at Mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Sat Oct 9 14:43:26 PDT 2004

hi ya

i deleted the email and decided to reply to the 
prev post about disk cache

- have you checked into webcache/file cache apps ??
	- those $5K - $15K apps will cache your files
	on their hw ... your local clients would fetch
	its data from their local disk cache 
	from 2x - 100x faster than going across
	to the far away colo on the internet

	( its intended for making your far away colo
	( look like its in your local lan 

	- it's sorta like a fancy "file" proxy
	or fancy version control that moves data around
	behind the scene 

- it's disk capacity limited to disk space in its cache
c ya

file cache apps...
	actona.com ( now cisco )

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