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Call For Participation
2004 IFIP Internation Conference on Network and Parallel Computing (NPC 2004)



The goal of NPC 2004 is to establish an international forum for engineers and 
scientists to present their excellent ideas and experiences in all system fields 
of network and parallel computing. NPC 2004, hosted by Huazhong University of 
Science and Technology, will be held at Oct 18 - 20, 2004 in Wuhan, China. All 
accepted papers will be published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes in 
Computer Science Series (cited by SCI). There are many scenic spots and 
historical   sites   in   Wuhan  including the Yellow Crane Tower with the 1,700 
years history, one of the three famous towers in South China, and the East Lake 
whose natural beauty rivals that of the West Lake in Hangzhou. The main topics 
of interest include, but not limited to:

         Parallel & Distributed Architectures
         Network Security
         Multimedia Streaming Services
         Performance Modeling/Evaluation
         Network Storage
         Middleware Frameworks and Toolkits
         Network & Interconnect Architecture
         Parallel Programming Environments and Tools
         Parallel & Distributed Applications/Algorithms
         Advanced Web and Proxy Services
         Peer-to-peer Computing
         Cluster & Grid Computing



Prof. Kai Hwang Director of Internet and Grid Computing Laboratory
University of Southern California
Topic: Secure Grid Computing with Trusted Resources
        and Internet Datamining

Dr. Thomas Sterling
Faculty Associate Center for Advanced Computing Research
California Institute of Technology
Topic: Towards Memory Oriented Scalable Computer Architecture
        and High Efficiency Petaflops Computing

Prof. Jose A.B. Fortes
Director of Advanced Computing and Information Systems (ACIS) Laboratory
University of Florida Topic: In-VIGO: Making the grid virtually yours

Dr. Robert Kuhn
Intel Americas, Inc
Topic: Productivity in HPC Clusters

Dr. Mootaz Elnozahy
Topic: PERCS: IBM Effort in HPCS


Regular   : Euro 400 or US$ 480
Student   : Euro 200 or US $240
Accompany : Euro 150 or US $180


The registration form can be downloaded from the following address.



The conference will be held in Wuhan Lake View Garden Hotel that is the only 
traditional ancient style hotel in Wuhan City to meet the international five-
star hotel standard. It is located in the beautiful East Lake scenery site ,and 
the East Lake High Technological Development Zone. The nice environment and the 
convenient traffic make it the ideal accommodation for travelers. 200 all kinds 
of well-equipped rooms are delightfully decorated and offer an array of comforts 
and amenities.


The detailed program can be found at http://grid.hust.edu.cn/npc04/program.htm



Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, is the largest city in Central China, with 
a population of over 7 million and an area of 8,467 square kilometers. It lies 
at the confluence of the Yangtze and Han rivers and is comprised of three 
towns--Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang--that face each other across the rivers and 
are linked by two bridges. A major junction of traffic and communication, it is 
the center of economy, culture and politics in Central China and is proud of 
metallurgy, automobiles, machinery and high-tech industries. A core of national 
air, water and land transportation it offers great potential for further 
development and foreign investment. Wuhan is rich in culture and history. Its 
civilization began about 3,500 years ago, and is of great importance in Chinese 
culture, military, economy and politics. It shares the same culture of Chu, 
formed since the ancient Kingdom of Chu more than 2,000 years ago. Numerous 
natural and artificial attractions and scenic spots are scattered around. Famous 
scenic spots in Wuhan include Yellow Crane Tower, Guiyuan Temple, East Lake, and 
Hubei Provincial Museum with the famous chimes playing the music of different 

Yellow Crane Tower is the symbol of Wuhan. It is located on the Snake Hill in 
Wuchang, at the south bank of Yangtze River; it is called one of the three most 
famous towers in southern China, together with Yueyang Tower in Hunan Province 
and Tengwang Tower in Jiangxi Province.

The East Lake is one of the first state scenic spots in the east of Wuhan. The 
lake covers an area of 33 square Km, and is the largest lake of a city 
throughout China. In 1999, it was granted by the State as National Civilized 
Scenic Spot Model Site.

Moshan Hill located in the East Lake scenic spot, it is surrounded by the lake 
from the East, the West and the North. From East to West, it is 2,200 meter 
long; from North to South, about 500 meter broad. Moshan Hill has six peaks, 
with Chu culture as its subject, such as Chu Bazaar, Chu Heaven Platform, Chu 
Talents Park, are full of antique flavor and classic beauty of Chu culture.


For more information, please contact the program vice-chair, Dr. Hai Jin
Email:hjin at hust.edu.cn

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