[Beowulf] myrinet (scali) or ethernet

Håkon Bugge Hakon.Bugge at scali.com
Tue Oct 5 23:54:34 PDT 2004

At 05:51 PM 10/5/04, Patrick Geoffray wrote:

>Patricia wrote:
> > I am user of two clusters: One runs under myrinet and
> > the other under scali. In both cases I installed my
>Myrinet is hardware and Scali makes software. Do you run Scali's
>software on Myrinet ?

Patricia, would be nice to know if you run Scali MPI Connect (SMC) or some 
older ancient versions. If you run SMC, it would be nice to know if you run:
    o) Gbe through the TCP/IP stack (-net tcp)
    o) Gbe through the Direct Ethernet Transport (-net det0)
    o) Myrinet (-net gm0)
    o) Infiniband (-net ib0)
    o) 10Gbe through 3rd party DAPLs (network name will vary)

I assume you do not run combinations of the above although that is 
possible. I quick sanity check of your system could be to run sample 
benchmarks to assess the system(s) performance (latency and bandwidth). I 
usually use bandwidth and all2all, both located in /opt/scali/examples/bin.

Another obvious check is to see if the system is idle when it is supposed 
to be idle. You could use the utility scatop for that purpose.

Another way out is of course mailto:support _AT_ scali.com

>I guess there should be a way with Scali to know which device is used at
>runtime, but I really don't know how.

# SCAMPI_NETWORKS_VERBOSE=2 mpimon -net smp,gm0,tcp 
/opt/scali/examples/bin/hello -- `scahosts`

Hakon Bugge
Hakon.Bugge _ AT_ scali.com 

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