[Beowulf] Opteron with PCI Express

Maurice Hilarius maurice at harddata.com
Wed Dec 15 00:07:31 PST 2004

Alan Louis Scheinin wrote:

>Maurice W. Hilarius wrote:
>  > Also has PCI Express 16X, and there are already dual
>  > Opteron Socket 940 with this chipset.
>  > Look, for example at the Tyan S2895 which just came out.
>Where did it come out, Australia?  The Tyan site has an
>announcement of an announcement to be made in November in
>Australia but I don't see a followup of the content of the
>announcement and I do not see the S2895 listed among the
>Opteron products.
>    Of course, marketing is not the role of beowulf mailing list
>members, but PCI Express with Opteron is interesting, so indications
>of COTS boards is useful.  (For example, some developers here program
>the GPU (graphics chip) and the faster I/O of PCI expr
Tyan has boards arriving in their USA warehouse as of the 15th of December.
PCI Express is especially interesting in HPC as many of the advanced 
network boards are now coming out in PCI Express interface.
GbE and Infiniband already, and Myrinet, and others soon.
As we have already hit the wall of PCI-X with these devices, Express 
adds a significant improvement in bandwidth and latency.

Opteron HTX will add even more performance when it come out in 2005.

The main reason I posted is that I thought it significant that the first 
Opteron dual board with PCI-Express is finally out.

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