[Beowulf] Re: probs with mpdboot for 4 nodes

Fabrice Pardo fabrice.pardo at lpn.cnrs.fr
Tue Dec 14 07:02:30 PST 2004


Your problem comes from the fact that "beomaster" initiate only 2 ssh 
the lchild one and the rchild one, to beoslave and  beoslave1 nodes.
The subsequent connections  are initiated in the same left-right childs 
from one of these slaves.

Then you need to be able to do a ssh from beoslave to beoslave2
or from beoslave1 to beoslave2 without password.

A way is to suppress your passphrase.

    beomaster$ ssh-keygen -p
        (empty for no passphrase)

Warning, your secret key .ssh/id_Xsa is now unencrypted.

Now, try

    beomaster$ ssh beoslave
    beslave$ ssh beolslave2

    beomaster$ ssh beoslave1
    beslave1$ ssh beolslave2

This is not documented in mpich2-1.0/README, but the --debug
listing is a little bit more explicit (the name of the ssh initiator is 



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