[Beowulf] mpich on OS X

Joachim Worringen joachim at ccrl-nece.de
Wed Aug 25 10:14:11 PDT 2004

Glen Beane wrote:
> I've compiled mpich-1.2.5 on a different OS X 10.3 system with xlf and
> gcc without this problem. I tried using xlf and gcc now, with no change
> in the behavior. I'm using very generic ./configure arguments
> (--with-device=ch_p4, -prefix=~/mpich, -opt=O2, --disable-c++), and i'm
> not passing any extra flags to the compilers or linker (which I'm
> assuming is my problem).  Anyone know the linker/compiler flags I need
> to get this to link properly? 

- Take a look on the output of the compilers (make >&make.log; less 
make.log). Probably there's a problem with some files in mpid/ch_p4(/p4) 
to compile correctly. Knowing the actual problem makes it easier to fix.

- Why do you need mpich-1.2.6 - it's mostly a bugfix release of 1.2.5. 
Do you see any bugs with 1.2.5?

- What about MPICH2? Performs significantly better with socket 


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