[Beowulf] Regarding PASSWORDLESS ssh

Ken Linder kc7rad at radstream.com
Fri Aug 13 08:26:31 PDT 2004

Well, I can't say much about SSH but I do know that if you are using PVM and telnet, the UIDs must be the same on all nodes.  I don't know about MPICH...  I had to tear down my cluster before I got to the point of experimenting with MPICH.

Hope that helps a little
Ken - KC7RAD
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  1. Is it necessary to have the UID 's of the users same for passwordless SSH.
  2. passwordless ssh in Redhat linux 9 is achieved thru SSH v2, is it necessary.....

  I m Completely blocked doing passwordless ssh, the method which i tried is given under kindly solve my problem otherwise the MPICH installation makes some problems plus i can't execute program on 2 or 3 or 4 nodes.......


  Kindy solve my problem...........
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