[Beowulf] [ANNOUNCE] SGI Performance Co-Pilot 2.4.0-1 now available

Mark Goodwin markgw at sgi.com
Fri Aug 6 01:37:59 PDT 2004

SGI is pleased to announce the new version of Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
open source (version 2.4.0-1) is now available for download from :


This is a major release containing bug fixes, code cleanups, new metrics
and tools, portability enhancements and new platform support, including
PMDAs for Windows (under either Cygwin or Interix/SFU), AIX, Darwin
(MacOS/X) and Solaris. In addition, we have migrated several directories
(notably /var/pcp to /var/lib/pcp) for better FHS conformance and enhanced
the RC scripts to work on both SuSE and RedHat.

A list of changes since the last release (which was version 2.3.2-4)
is in /usr/share/doc/pcp-2.4.0/CHANGELOG after installation, or at

There are re-built RPMs for i386 (gcc 3.2.x / glibc 2.3.x) and ia64 in the
above ftp directory. Other Linux platforms (including those still using
glibc 2.96 / glibc 2.x) will need to build binary RPMs from the SRPM, e.g. :

    # rpmbuild --rebuild pcp-2.4.0-1.src.rpm

or from the tarball, e.g. :

    # tar xvzf pcp-2.4.0.src.tar.gz
    # cd pcp-2.4.0
    # ./Makepkgs

Non-linux platforms need to build the source and then manually install, e.g. :

    # tar xvzf pcp-2.4.0.src.tar.gz
    # cd pcp-2.4.0
    # make
    # make install

About Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)

PCP is an extensible system monitoring package with a client/server
architecture. It provides a distributed unifying abstraction for all
interesting performance statistics in /proc and assorted applications
(e.g. Apache). The PCP library APIs are robust and well documented,
supporting rapid deployment of new and diverse sources of performance
data and the development of sophisticated performance monitoring tools.

The PCP homepage is at http://oss.sgi.com/projects/pcp and you can join
the PCP mailing list via http://oss.sgi.com/projects/pcp/mail.html

SGI would like to thank those who contributed to this and earlier releases.
Ken McDonell will be following up with a pcp-qa release in the near future.


-- Mark Goodwin <markgw at sgi.com>
SGI Engineering

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