MPICH 1.2.5 and PVFS Problem

Aaron Collier collier at
Mon Jan 20 11:52:09 PST 2003


I have been having problems getting MPICH 1.2.5 to compile with ROMIO 
support for PVFS.  I have installed PVFS and used the -cflags argument to 
pass the location of the PVFS include files, but I still get errors.  From 
what I can tell the problem isn't with ROMIO, but rather with MPICH.  I 
checked and ROMIO compiles all of the files properly with the added 
include argument, but MPICH complains about the library file (libmpich.a).  
The error messages I get complain about unknown references (the function 
prototypes it needs are in the include files I provided an argument for).  
What am I doing wrong?  MPICH compiles without any errors when I specify 
that ROMIO only support nfs, but I really need PVFS to work as well.  I 
even tried compiling ROMIO seperately, but the Makefile included with the 
source distribution has some syntax problems.  I also had to add a few 
includes to numerous files to get them to compile properly.  Even then I 
couldn't get ROMIO to install properly.  Has anyone configured MPICH with 
ROMIO support for PVFS?  Any help anyone could provide would be greatly 


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