both fast and gigabit ethernet on a Scyld cluster

Hans Schwengeler schweng at
Wed Jan 15 06:23:51 PST 2003

Dear Donald Becker,

	thank you very much for your help.
In fact I needed to type 'beoserv -f /etc/beowulf/config.giga' (instead of
'beoserv -c <config_file>', but it got me going a bit further.
Now it booted into stage 3 but exited bproc because of 'connection refused'.
After some time I realized I had also to start a bpmaster process tailored
for the gigabit-ethernet (bpmaster -c /etc/beowulf/config.giga).
I had to kill the old process because bpmaster refused to start when
onother one was running. After this, the single-processor nodes came up
just fine.
For the dual-processor nodes it was a bit trickier still: I had to
kill the old beoserv process (the one for the fast ethernet) right after
booting into phase 2, otherwise they would continue to try to boot
into fast ethernet for which the bpmaster process has been killed in favour
of the giga ethernet.
This "hand"-booting seems to be a bit ackward. maybe you have a better
solution. But a least all the nodes are now up for the moment which is great.

Yours, Hans.

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