both fast and gigabit ethernet on a Scyld cluster

Donald Becker becker at
Tue Jan 14 14:20:58 PST 2003

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Hans Schwengeler wrote:

> 	trying to add more clarity to my earlier post:
> what I want is specifying somwhow what ethernet interface (eth0 or eth1) the
> slaves should use during the phase1, 2 and 3 boot process. How can I make
> the slave use eth1 instead of eth0 during boot? In which file can I make
> such changes. Any help greatly appreciated.

For the older (27 series) release you need to set up two copies of the
"beoserv" program, one to serve the "stage 2" on the boot network and
another to serve the run-time information on the operational network.

You can do this by creating second configuration file that just has the
stage 1 boot interface and related info.  Start up the second 'beoserv'
process with the '-c <configfile>' option.

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