Creating user accounts....

Wed Feb 19 07:42:46 PST 2003

Thanks for all of you for giving me the ideas for setting up a script for
user accounts managements...
Here is what I did and at this point of time it is working just fine ( Might
not be very fancy for some of you) for our cluster......
I created a script for password change like this

passwd $1 

This will prompt for the new password and will update all the nodes.... script looks like this

rcp /etc/group geonode1:/etc/group
rcp /etc/passwd geonode1:/etc/passwd
rcp /etc/shadow geonode1:/etc/shadow
rcp /etc/group geonode2:/etc/group
rcp /etc/passwd geonode2:/etc/passwd
rcp /etc/shadow geonode2:/etc/shadow
rcp /etc/group geonode3:/etc/group
rcp /etc/passwd geonode3:/etc/passwd
rcp /etc/shadow geonode3:/etc/shadow
for all the nodes in cluster,
Now if the password is changed for any user it being automatically updated
on all the nodes.

I did some reading on LDAP that also looks a nice options for accounts
managements. Seems like none have done worked on it, I am Still hunting for
some time to work on LDAP, I will try to post some more info on that soon...

Jai Rangi
In the world with no fences, why would you need Gates ? 
                                          - Linux 

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