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take a look a cfengine. i have used the 1.x.x versions for years and have
been very happy with it. they have a new 2.x.x version that seems to be
far more flexible than the older 1.x.x versions. the new version allows
encrypted copying of data files and has 'tripwire-like' cryto-checksuming

if you decide to use ldap, nis or some other naming service in the future,
it is easy to intergrate with cfengine. just tell cfengine to ignore the
files or services that are handled by the new naming service.

keep in mind that cfengine is not a naming service but a tool for managing
config files.


> What is the best way to create and manage user accounts on Beowulf, Is
> there a way that you create account on Master node and all the slave
> node will get information from Master node only.
> I was thinking of NIS, if you use NIS then still so you have to create
> account on all the nodes.
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