Call for Co-Author: Linux Compute Cluster book

Chander Kant ck at
Thu Feb 6 12:51:25 PST 2003


I am currently looking for a co-author to join me
in an on-going project to write a book on Linux
compute clusters. (Yes, I know this will be yet
another book on this topic, but hopefully the
goals and outcomes of this one are a bit different
than others).

The current (reviewable) status of the project can
be seen at:

(Above has two chapters, and outline for rest of them. I
have other notes and materials which have not been cleaned
up for review).

Please let me know if you have the time, background
and interest to work with me on this.

I am looking for someone who has been involved with Linux
compute clusters extensively. Preferably from labs or
academia (though not necessarily). Also, preferably someone
with more of a cluster programming background (again not
necessary, but this would complement my more systems oriented



Chander Kant
ck at

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