Looking for Image Processing Software

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at inel.gov
Tue Sep 3 09:42:40 PDT 2002

Here's a group that does image processing, specifically OSSIM.

Mark Lucas posted a message about it a couple years ago on the list.


On Fri, 30 Aug 2002 08:47:05 -0400
Beagley Robert J IHMD <BeagleyRJ at ih.navy.mil> wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been a subscriber to the list for some time now, but am just beginning
> to build my first cluster.  It will primarily be used to speed up
> backprojections (3-D reconstructions of radiographic data sets) and other
> various and sundry image processing work.  In the hopes of not having to
> reinvent the wheel, I am searching for any parallel software that may
> already exist to perform at least some of these functions (It would be great
> to find something as advanced as IDL, the GIMP and ImageJ, but I have my
> doubts).  Can you folks recommend any caches of software for beowulf
> clusters stored online that I might check out?   
> Robert Beagley 
> NSWC Indian Head Div.
> --If everything worked the way it's supposed to, most of us would be out of
> a job.--

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