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Beagley Robert J IHMD <BeagleyRJ at ih.navy.mil> wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been a subscriber to the list for some time now, but am just beginning
> to build my first cluster.  It will primarily be used to speed up
> backprojections (3-D reconstructions of radiographic data sets) and other
> various and sundry image processing work.  In the hopes of not having to
> reinvent the wheel, I am searching for any parallel software that may
> already exist to perform at least some of these functions (It would be great
> to find something as advanced as IDL, the GIMP and ImageJ, but I have my
> doubts).  Can you folks recommend any caches of software for beowulf
> clusters stored online that I might check out?   



X-Windows-based Microscopy Image Processing Package. The group has strong
connections with other biomedical imaging 3D reconstruction teams, and if
you don't like Xmipp, they will surely know of all suitable alternatives.
They are nice people too.


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