MS attacking government use of "open source"

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Thu May 23 19:48:41 PDT 2002

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Shewmaker <shewa at> writes:

    Andrew> [snip]

    Andrew> I find myself wanting to write letters to my
    Andrew> representatives, etc., but then I think to myself that it
    Andrew> will all work itself out.  It may work itself out, but
    Andrew> perhaps my real reason for not doing something is that I
    Andrew> don't feel like it will make a difference.  I'm from Idaho
    Andrew> and this state appears to have little power to affect
    Andrew> anything.  Of course, not doing anything is a good way of
    Andrew> guaranteeing that I don't have any affect.  I plan on
    Andrew> making my representatives aware of Peruvian Congressman
    Andrew> Villanueva's bill and letter to Microsoft.

Without meaning to be rude, may I point out that this discussion seems
particularly off-topic here for a number of reasons?

1.  Many of us aren't from the US and we probably get enough
discussion of US policy or lack thereof in other lists we're
subscribed to; I know I definitely do.

2.  There are enough other Linux, GNU/Linux, GPL, BSD, free software,
open source, anti-Microsoft, etc advocacy fora available for
discussions regarding licensing, policy and other issues of that ilk.
Why not choose one of those to discuss these issues, or create a new
one if the existing ones don't meet your needs?

3.  As Beowulf users, administrators and maintainers we definitely
should be concerned about the politics of Beowulf and free software
(open source -- choose your buzzword).  If enough people are concerned
maybe Don could consider a Beowulf-d (discussion) mailing list for
non-technical discussions related to Beowulf?  I'd be glad to add my 2
penny worth of political thought there :-)


-- Raju

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