MS attacking government use of "open source"

John Nelson john at
Thu May 23 15:05:21 PDT 2002

The more Microsoft bleats and whines like a petulant child, the clearer 
the company's motives become.  One day the government will just stop 
listening altogether.

-- John

Andrew Shewmaker wrote:
> On Thu, 23 May 2002 07:12:54 -0400
> Bob Drzyzgula <bob at> wrote:
>>All of us using and supporting Linux in government
>>probably need to be somewhat concerned about this. The
>>Pentagon at least seems not to have been swayed so far,
>>but it's gone far enough for them to pay Mitre for a study
>>of the question. I'm not sure that all agencies would
>>be this steadfast.
> I find myself wanting to write letters to my representatives, etc., but 
> then I think to myself that it will all work itself out.  It may work 
> itself out, but perhaps my real reason for not doing something is that 
> I don't feel like it will make a difference.  I'm from Idaho and this 
> state appears to have little power to affect anything.  Of course, not 
> doing anything is a good way of guaranteeing that I don't have any 
> affect.  I plan on making my representatives aware of Peruvian 
> Congressman Villanueva's bill and letter to Microsoft.
>>   "Microsoft has argued that some free-licensing
>>   regimes are antithetical to the government's
>>   stated policy that moneymaking applications
>>   should develop from government-funded research
>>   and that intellectual property should be
>>   protected."
> I don't understand why many people (not just MS) are so adamantly 
> opposed to the GPL.  I know that the GPL is not for everything, but 
> it is really a good license for the information age.  Instead of paying 
> for the right to use the software with money, a person simply pays with 
> any source code modifications they make.
> Andrew


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