MS attacking government use of "open source"

Bob Drzyzgula bob at
Thu May 23 04:12:54 PDT 2002

All of us using and supporting Linux in government
probably need to be somewhat concerned about this. The
Pentagon at least seems not to have been swayed so far,
but it's gone far enough for them to pay Mitre for a study
of the question. I'm not sure that all agencies would
be this steadfast.

   "Microsoft Corp. is aggressively lobbying the
   Pentagon to squelch its growing use of freely
   distributed computer software and switch to
   proprietary systems such as those sold by the
   software giant, according to officials familiar
   with the campaign."


   "Microsoft has argued that some free-licensing
   regimes are antithetical to the government's
   stated policy that moneymaking applications
   should develop from government-funded research
   and that intellectual property should be



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