Process or task migration

hanzl at hanzl at
Wed May 22 23:29:29 PDT 2002

> Is there any tools to debug some process migration mechanism ?

One quite practical process migration mechanism is bproc:

and just at this moment I am debugging it (cause I want working pty)
using quite standard linux tools (and bproc itself):

  strace -f -p pid     ... spy on syscalls used by process pid

  bpsh 1 strace -f -p pid ... same on slave node (I spy on sshd)

  printk()             ... print message from kernel

  klogd                ... resend kernel messages to syslogd

  syslogd on slave     ... send messages to master syslogd via IP

  syslogd on master    ... log messages to file

  less (press F)       ... show messages to me

Another viable process migration mechanism is MOSIX, but I didn't
update my MOSIX knowledge for years now.



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