High End AGP cards compatibility with Dual Athlon Processor Servers

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With regards to your message at 10:03 AM 5/10/02, 
beowulf-request at beowulf.org. Where you stated:
>Does any one has information about how high end AGP cards (like 128MB or =
>higher ram ) like GeForceTi4400 one work with Dual AMD Athlon servers.
>HAs anyone used them for long and found any specific problems with =

Current Tyan motherboards ( S2466N-4M and S2468) have a BIOS issue where 
some video cards with large ROM address space conflict with other PCI card 
When this occurs, then the other card does not work, or the video does no 
Tyan IS working on this.
For example their latest BIOS beta for the 2466N-4M has more space 
available, at the expense of the PXE boot code portions.

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