High End AGP cards compatibility with Dual Athlon Processor Servers

Doug Farley d.l.farley at larc.nasa.gov
Fri May 10 09:06:30 PDT 2002

At 11:36 AM 5/10/2002 -0400, Sachin Goel wrote:
>Does any one has information about how high end AGP cards (like 128MB or 
>higher ram ) like GeForceTi4400 one work with Dual AMD Athlon servers.
>HAs anyone used them for long and found any specific problems with 

I've been working with the 3Dlabs Wildcat II 5500 lately, and its been a 
pain to get working on the Tyan S2462.  The fact that one needs to use 3rd 
party drivers for X is pain #1.  However I have had good luck with various 
GeForce 2's and the Elsa Gladac 920 Geforce 3.  The problem with the 
wildcat is mostly that the commercial X-server doesn't seem to get along 
well with AMD K7 related chipsets, and the dual mobo does not seem to ease 
the pain.  If anyone has had better experience with it, I'd love to know 
what you did to get around the problems of its compatibility while keeping 

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