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Thu May 9 09:39:56 PDT 2002

On Thu, 9 May 2002 08:24:13 -0400
"Eric Miller" <emiller at> wrote:

> Another beginner question.  What are some of the widely-used benchmarks for
> MPI clusters?  I am running Scyld and would like to test out my cluster.(I
> think the Scyld distro comes with some basic benchmarks like linpack, but
> are there some others?)
> Also, what are some programs that will really punish a cluster?  I would
> like to see my nodes get really hammered, I can currently get about 65%
> proc. usage, but I am just using the fractal renderer.

Have you looked through the mailing list archive?  An easy way to search it 
is to go to and type " beowulf benchmark" 
in the box.

Of course that returns absolutely tons of links.

Paralogic has a nice little package of benchmarks.  Most only involve one 

NetPIPE measures point to point, and it has one version written with MPI.  It 
is useful to see what overhead your implementation of MPI has.

Every once in a while I see a HINT benchmark.  A company tried to commercialize 
it, but it doesn't seem to be devoloped any more.  The license in the tarball 
is GPL, I believe.  It uses a measurement called Quality Improvement Per Second 
(QUIPS) instead of something like MFLOPS.  I always liked it because it shows 
how performance drops across memory regions (cache, main, disk).

This paper by Dell used the HINT and NPB benchmarks.

If you want to punish an individual cluster node, use cpuburn.

You could always just run another instance of the fractal render.


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