Cluster Benchmarks

Gabriel J. Weinstock gabriel.weinstock at
Thu May 9 05:49:23 PDT 2002

there is the NAS PB benchmarking suite. I've used this one a bit, and it 
seems well written, however, the reporting looks skewed. For example, on a 
4-node dual processor 1.2 GHz Athlon MP cluster, we were getting numbers like 
300 - 500 _M_flops, whereas linpack was reporting 6 - 8 Gflops, a more 
reasonable number. (I can't remember the exact numbers.) It may be that the 
NAS code is just old. Tuning didn't help much either. I'd be interested to 
know if anyone else has had similar experiences with this benchmark.

On Thursday 09 May 2002 08:24 am, Eric Miller wrote:
> Another beginner question.  What are some of the widely-used benchmarks for
> MPI clusters?  I am running Scyld and would like to test out my cluster.(I
> think the Scyld distro comes with some basic benchmarks like linpack, but
> are there some others?)
> Also, what are some programs that will really punish a cluster?  I would
> like to see my nodes get really hammered, I can currently get about 65%
> proc. usage, but I am just using the fractal renderer.
> Thanks!
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