opinion on XFS

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Wed May 8 16:15:29 PDT 2002

> inner workings of the Linux kernel would feel this way.  However, from a
> user/administrator standpoint XFS is a wonderful option to have.  We use

but why?  what problem do you have with ext2/3?  I was talking to 
someone today who thinks that server FSs should be designed to 
handle hard power-offs.  I think that's silly, but don't mind that
ext3 does.  similarly, I don't think it makes sense to design FS's
to support DB-like query, or even to support a billion files in one 
directory, or to optimize the packing of trivial-sized files.

at least not here, that is, a compute-cluster mailing list.
ext2/3 have always done just fine in performance and robustness
in the expected server environment - platter-level throughput,
robust fsck, etc.

in short, what is it that XFS offers that people want so badly?
(yes, it's true I don't see the point to reiserfs either.)

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