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Jarrod Smith jsmith at structbio.vanderbilt.edu
Wed May 8 12:07:09 PDT 2002

On Tue, 7 May 2002, Donald Becker wrote:

> The SGI release of "Linux XFS" was a port of the Linux code to XFS, not
> a XFS implementation for Linux.  The port was done in a way that
> minimized the XFS changes, instead making substantial changes the Linux
> kernel code.  While the IRIX FS interface does have good design
> features, few people outside of SGI saw the benefit of having Linux be
> an IRIX clone.

I can certainly understand how someone with a large investment in the
inner workings of the Linux kernel would feel this way.  However, from a
user/administrator standpoint XFS is a wonderful option to have.  We use
it almost everywhere now.  I would not think about using anything else if
it would just make it into the mainstream kernel.  XFS performs flawlessly
for us.  Performance, flexibility and stability are all there.  I don't
have to worry about our filesystems anymore and that's a great feeling.

CXFS on Linux will be nice if it sees the light of day, but from what I
understand this will be a commercial product, not open source like XFS.  
In any case, I really hope XFS makes it into the next kernel.

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