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Robert G. Brown rgb at
Wed May 8 02:03:52 PDT 2002

On Wed, 8 May 2002, Andrew Shewmaker wrote:

> A user can run multiple separate pvms as of pvm 3.4.4  The VMID can either be 
> set in the hostfile or with the PVM_VMID environment variable.  I really like 
> this feature.

Halleleuja!  About time!  This will save endless grief (not to mention
enabling more than one PVM task per node on a cluster).  And it is even
in RH 7.3 all ready to run, hot damn!



> >From my pvmd man page:
> id=VMID   A new feature in PVM 3.4.4 is the concept of a "Virtual Machine  ID".
>           You can now set the VMID to an arbitrary string and this will distin­
>           guish and allow multiple virtual machines to run on the same  set  of
>           hosts under the same userid.  (This feature was originally introduced
>           by SGI in their commercial PVM product, and has now been  generalized
>           for  the public PVM system.)  This feature seems to be something that
>           people often want, and the PVM_VMID is the cleanest  way  to  provide
>           this  functionality,  rather  than overloading the SHAREDTMP compiler
>           flag and other internals.  By default, all hosts which are  added  to
>           the  virtual  machine will inherit the same VMID.  If hosts are added
>           to the virtual machine which are running older versions of PVM (prior
>           to  3.4.4),  then the VMID will be ignored for those hosts, and hence
>           these machines can only be added to one virtual machine for the given
>           user.   The  VMID  need  not be consistent on every host in a virtual
>           machine (although this is not necessarily advisable).

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