trouble starting pvm:urgent

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at
Wed May 8 06:46:34 PDT 2002

On Tue, 7 May 2002 14:48:17 -0400 (EDT)
"Robert G. Brown" <rgb at> wrote:

> which is a LOT more useful than the message you got.  A more common
> source of failure is to try to start a pvmd on a host that already has
> one running.  This would likely produce the bind error you describe, as
> a new pvmd cannot bind to the usual socket -- something is already there
> (another pvmd).  This traces out to:


> PVM Daemon Files Found on lucifer!
> Either PVM is Already Running or else it
> crashed and left behind a /tmp/pvmd.<uid>
> daemon file.
> Halt PVM if it is running on lucifer, or else
> remove any leftover /tmp/pvmd.* files.
> ...which also shows pretty much how you can manually diagnose your
> problem.
> I'd suggest FIRST upgrading to pvm 3.4.3 (or the latest stable release),
> doing a new build for your systems if necessary.  For linux systems you
> should be able to just use current RPM's -- my pvm came straight out of
> standard Red Hat 7.2, for example.  Read the new documentation -- in
> addition to auto-diagnosing most failures AND telling you how to fix
> them (awesome concept!) there are a variety of new environment variables
> (such as PVM_RSH, PVM_TMP) that can be used to configure intelligent
> behavior in certain environments.

A user can run multiple separate pvms as of pvm 3.4.4  The VMID can either be 
set in the hostfile or with the PVM_VMID environment variable.  I really like 
this feature.

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