Help!! Scyld slave boot problem!!

sungyen at sungyen at
Mon May 6 01:11:18 PDT 2002

    I installed Scyld in the master node (kernel 2.2.19-12.beo) which equipped with IBM SCSI HDD and DFE-530TX Ethernet card. The slave node is boot with floppy made from master node, however it encounters problem in phase II booting process. 
   In phase II booting, the information in slave node is as follows:
Sending RARP requests
RSRP: 00:50:BA:24:DE:4F ->
boot : boot : Server IP address :
boot : boot : My IP address :
boot : started sendstats daemon ; pid=16
bpslave : IO daemon started : pid=17
node_up : This is node 0
node_up : boot log available in /var/log/beowulf/node.0 on the master
kmod : failed to exec /sbin/modprob -s -k block-major-3. error=2

    The main information in log file is as follows :
bpsh -n 0 mkdir -p /rootfs//proc
mkdir : cannot creat directory '/rootfs/proc' : File exists
echo Fialed to create mount point

Hope anyone could help me !!

Sungyen Lin    

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