FFTW on Scyld(27Bz-8)

Stepan Kruglikov skruglik at gmu.edu
Sun May 5 15:38:42 PDT 2002


I finally decided to install 27Bz-8. I use FFTW and I had no problem installing it on 27Bz-7. After installing z-8, ./configure --enable-mpi gives me the following error message:

checking for MPI_Init...no
checking for MPI_Init in -lmpi...no
configure: error: couldn't find mpi library for --enable-mpi

Has anybody installed FFTW on 27Bz-8?

It worked just fine on 27bz-7. Also, does anybody know what's up with beostatus, it's not showing any activity when I run linpack test, but the nodes are up (according to beosetup and execution time of linpack).

I decided to upgrade to use -nolocal option in mpirun, but I guess the price I need to pay for it kinda high.


Stepan Kruglikov

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