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Angel R. Rivera angel at
Wed May 1 19:07:15 PDT 2002

If you are using the non-pro version you may be out of luck. try writing
scott at, they provide support for it.

At 09:30 AM 5/2/2002 +0800, Kwan Wing Keung wrote:
>Dear Netters,
>We are currently using OpenPBS (Release 2.3) to manage our Beowulf
>cluster.  Everything works fine up to now.
>Recently we found that the system is overloaded due to some users
>who keep on submitting large no. of batch jobs.  We would like to
>limit the no. of jobs SUBMITTED to PBS (NOT the max. jobs started
>per user).  We try to search this feature in the PBS manual but
>cannot find.
>At the mean time, we can only tackle this problem by running a CRON job
>periodically to list out all queued jobs, sort the list based on username,
>and delete all excess entries (say for count > 6) for each of the users.
>But I wonder if there is any decent way to do it,  any help?
>W.K. Kwan
>Computer Centre
>University of HK
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