Help for using OpenPBS

Kwan Wing Keung hcxckwk at
Wed May 1 18:30:52 PDT 2002

Dear Netters,

We are currently using OpenPBS (Release 2.3) to manage our Beowulf
cluster.  Everything works fine up to now.

Recently we found that the system is overloaded due to some users
who keep on submitting large no. of batch jobs.  We would like to
limit the no. of jobs SUBMITTED to PBS (NOT the max. jobs started
per user).  We try to search this feature in the PBS manual but
cannot find.

At the mean time, we can only tackle this problem by running a CRON job
periodically to list out all queued jobs, sort the list based on username,
and delete all excess entries (say for count > 6) for each of the users.
But I wonder if there is any decent way to do it,  any help?

W.K. Kwan
Computer Centre
University of HK

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