Tyan 2720 motherboard for Xeons

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With regards to your message at 10:01 AM 6/22/02, 
beowulf-request at beowulf.org. Where you stated:
>I have heard from one of beowulf engineers that Tyan 2720 motherboard for
>dual Xeon CPUs has some serious problems including Memory, ECC and
>Bios. And Super Micro P4DME-M is offered as an alternative.
>At the same time I have also been told by other people that Tyan 2720UNG
>is very fast motherboad for clustering solutions.
>I would appreciate very much to get some information and guidance
>regarding the best motherboard for dual Xeons (2.2 Ghz).

The Tyan S27220 is an example using the Intel e7500 chipset.
It is quite nice.
The Serverworks GC6 chipset is also worth considering.
In some testing it has shown better memory bandwidth.
An example of a board using this chipset is the SuperMicro P4DL6

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