Tyan Tiger S2466N vs S2466N-4M

Nicholas Brealey nick at brealey.org
Tue Jun 18 13:05:50 PDT 2002

Hello Maurice

Do you have a prescription for getting lm-sensors
working on the S2466N-4M?

I got the latest CVS of lm_sensors today and installed
it but I am rather confused over the configuration.

I have seen references to the 2466 on the lm_sensors
web site but I don't know if the S2466N-4M is the same.



Maurice Hilarius wrote:
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> >Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 23:54:58 -0400 (EDT)
> >From: Ivan Oleynik <oleynik at chuma.cas.usf.edu>
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> >Subject: Tyan Tiger S2466N vs S2466N-4M
> >
> >I have heard from several sources that there are some problems with the
> >newest Tyan Tiger S2466N-4M that supports 4Mbit flash ROM, in Athlon
> >cluster environment. It is recommended to use older model S2466N in order
> >to avoid any problems in the future. I would be very much interested in
> >getting understanding is it really a big issue? Are there any specific
> >advantages to use S2466N-4M in spite of these problems?
> >
> >Ivan Oleynik
> We experienced problems with these ourselves.
> However Tyan was very helpful in solving the problem.
> What we found is that the BIOS was not properly behaving in assigning IRQs.
> They supplied us with a fixed BIOS that addressed this.
> The problem is especially noticeable when using a PCI riser card.
> We used Tyans M2139 PCI 64 bit riser, and found that we could not get clean
> un-shared interrupts for cards in the riser. We submitted samples of the
> cards we are using to Tyan, and gave them info as to that Linux kernel and
> modules we are using.
> They set up a machine in their facility, and worked with us to ensure the
> problem was solved.
> I have to say I am most pleased with their dedication, support, and
> co-operation.
> I have received phone calls and emails from the engineering staff after
> hours, on evenings and weekends, so I see some real measure of concern and
> effort by them.
> They have also been very co-operative to provide us with info to make
> lm_sensors work properly with their boards.
> I have to say that the failure rate on initial installation with the 246x
> series HAS been fairly high, but these all show up on first power-up, and
> is not a problem with the boards failing in service after extended time
> periods. They are also very prompt to provide replacements.
> As you can tell we are quite happy with Tyan motherboards in our
> application of building clusters, and will continue to use them.
> As far as advantages to the 2466N, there are two clear reasons:
> 1) 64 bit/66MHz PCI slots. If you are using Myrinet or gigabit cards, this
> makes a big difference.
> 2) Onboard 3C905 NIC. When building clusters it is nice to have this
> onboard, instead of using up a slot.
> There are also other reasons to use these, as compared to the ASUS or MSI
> or others:
> The first PCI slot is in "the right place". Many boards have the first slot
> over to far away from the CPU side of the board, making it difficult to use
> in 1U or 2U rack cases
> They provide onboard serial console interface, which ( again for clusters)
> makes it very usable, as we do not have to install a video card. It is
> getting very difficult to fins PCI video cards that run 3.3V and 66MHz, so
> this is a big point.
> With our best regards,
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