About administering APC power controlers

Josh Fryman fryman at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Jun 4 04:20:34 PDT 2002

> My main problem with masterswitch is that if you plug it into one
> of the APC ups's, say the RM 3U 2200VA, that when I plug in 3-4
> dual athlons, I overload the maximum per outlet of the UPS and it
> powers off.

yeah, this is a problem.  we can get 3 real machines on a strip, and
that's it.  (dual P4 xeon boxen)

as for scripting, it's really quite easy.  even for the very verbose
telnet sessions.  we currently use kermit scripts run from a shell
script and can run commands like 'reset ilab5' which will do the whole
process for us.

i can make the scripts available if people want them, but it's very
simple to set up.  never bothered with the WWW or SNMP stuff.  the
serial console we only use for the admin stuff.


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